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Why Sand !

When you run soft, white sand through the tips of your fingers and slide your toes, deeper into the warm beach sand, letting the sunshine wash over your face, the feeling is calm, tranquil and overtly happy. Dee By Diana uses this feeling of serenity as inspiration to create jewellery, that will forever remind you of the sense of peace that comes from a visit to the beach.

Using natural beach sand within every piece of jewellery in the collection, aims to “earth” or “ground” us, connecting us and absorbing the earths energy. The Dee By Diana range is contemporary, stylish and eternally timeless.

The stunning collection of rings are 18k gold plated and individually handmade. These unique and stunning designs are both modern and effortlessly ageless, bringing a certain exclusivity to your jewellery collection. The Dee By Diana earrings will transform any look, with these standout pieces, each piece reminding the wearer of that sun-soaked memory. Finally, the select bracelet collection offers both bangle and chain style bracelets. Each piece is inspired by nature and beautifully crafted to ensure the highest of quality.

By: Kate

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