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Two months ago I laughed, hugged and kissed everyone. A month ago I was still laughing but I was no longer kissing nor hugging. Three weeks ago, I watched the news, saw the numbers and I completely stopped laughing. Today I am like everyone else, paralyzed and confined. I am shocked by this Sudden change of paradigm, I look with regret behind me at this carefree past which seems to me already far away, and I find it hard to perceive the contours of the new landscape that is taking shape on the other shore. Ruins? New world? Ashes? Green herb? Who knows? I vacillate between the desire to read things Like "all is well, life goes on" and the need to refocus on what is happening to us. social media communications follow the same swing. There are those who continue to post as if nothing had happened, like what fashion trends for spring, what jewelry to wear now on that shirt, what cushion color to put in the living room. It's outdated, right? There are those, pragmatic, who give practical advice on the lockdown, cooking in lockdown, education of children in lockdown, animals in lockdown, books to read, movies to watch, work-from-home in lockdown, DIY projects in lockdown or do whatever it takes in lockdown. It's never useless. There are those who philosophize and It's interesting. And then there are those who make it worth it on their lockdown. It's quite valuable to follow them. And there in the middle of it my brain that freezes, because talking about jewelry when talking about a global pandemic, it is a little too much for me. but let us all be optimistic, be positive and try to move on, not to stop but to continue creating and loving! so I give you what I was promising to be the spring's madness for our brand, what we were preparing for our masculine fans, what nature was offering us.

The idea has been in my mind for a while and every time I decide to design without the intervention of the earth I fail and go back to where I started, happier with the results I get every single time, this collection was perfect as a reminder to us about the rage and anger of the earth, how unkind we were to the earth! black sand represents the earth's inner rage. reminding us of where we came from. full collection to be added to our web-store soon, stay safe everyone and keep smiling


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