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Happy Mother's Day - 21st March 2018

A mother’s love is unconditional and genuine. Mothers deserve to feel how loved and cherished they are every day, but giving them something unique and special on Mother’s Day is a great way of showing appreciation for all that they do and celebrating their undying love and maternal bond.

Giving your mother flowers is a beautiful way of sending love and gratitude to her- but those beautiful blooms only stay alive for so long. Surprising her with something unique that will last for decades is a fresh and memorable approach to Mother’s Day gifting.

dee by diana silk scarves are lightweight, brilliantly coloured scarves that can be used in a variety of ways. They can be styled as a neckerchief, or tied around the wrist, or even wrapped around the handle of a lovely tote or handbag. With a size of 90x90 cm, the possibilities of use are endless! These 100% silk scarves are painted ever so meticulously with watercolor to form a beautiful blend of oceanic blues and pearly whites and ivories. The intricate hand roll hemming adds a luxurious and expensive aspect to the fabric. Each scarf has stunning close- up details, and due to the fastidious 14mm silk twill, they exhibit an exquisite floating appearance that drapes beautifully and will liven up any ensemble.

If you want to give your mother the gift of beauty and nature combined, give her one of the jewelry pieces from the Eclipse Collection, which is inspired by the moon and features pieces with half-circles and bold lines, or the Non-Faceted Collection, which is one of the bolder collections from dee by diana’s range. Both collections include the use of real sand taken from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and stunning 18K gold. The use of sand in the jewelry transports the wearer to a beautiful and remote location in her mind. In addition, dee by diana designs classy gold choker necklaces with tassels, that also include sand. These chokers are perfect for a cute beach-day look or to add to a stylish dress for a night out.

Any mother will be elated upon opening a box or gift bag and pulling out one of dee by diana’s chic and elegant silk scarves or a stunning 18K gold jewelry piece with real beach sand. The 21st of March is approaching quickly- don’t delay! Purchase one of these alluring items today and see first-hand how amazing they are.

Give your mother the gift of dee by diana, and she will be amazed every time!

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